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walking around in the countryside, i often find dismembered bodies of cows from local cattle ranches. usually only a skull or a few bones are left after the scavengers visited the corps. leaving an incomplete and fractured image of the animal. in the installation i am trying to show those body parts in a more appreciative way. instead of dry bones laying in the field, decaying on the ground, i created cow body parts of my own and placed them  standing and hanging gently in the gallery. the parts include a cow head, leg, ribs and a liver. they are made from different types of hardwood which also came from broken trees and branches i found. every part can be assemble and disassemble rather easily, like a tool or a wooden weapon.

as an amateur bow builder and archer, im interested in the connection between hunting and the meat industry. the way that hunting  seem irrelevant today and looks brutal and cruel as for the modern meet industry became the more humane way of consuming meat.  i tried to connect the cow wich is a symbol of the modern meat industry, back to its ancient ancestors who were hunted by prehistoric man, some time with a bow and arrow which are also present in the installation

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