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My great-grandfather used to build wooden boats for a living. When he died all his knowledge and tools disappeared along with him. When I started to build a wooden boat in the shape of a duck, I discovered that the craft that was supposed to be passed down from generation to generation from father to son until it came to me, had to be learned from strangers on all sorts of DIY sites and videos.

"Animal-Vegetable-Mineral" exhibition focuses primarily on sculptures. The exhibition space features large and small wooden sculptures, ceramics and clay objects, objects made of building materials such as lime and sand, and a number of photographs. The works mostly represent objects and sculptures from modern outdoor activities and culture which resonate in ancient cultures and tribal customs.

The work deals with society’s view of our primitive past and the desire to return to the past. In addition, I use the exhibit to recreate parts of my family history. The exhibition talks about mankind’s connection to nature and the gap that grows between the two as the years go by. Because of that gap, we constantly yearn to return to nature and to a simpler life.When we discover that going back is not possible, we re-create nature and the past and adapt them to life in modern society.


The work is my graduation exhibition at the Hamidrash Art Faculty at Beit Berl College 2019

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